What is individual liberty? Where does religious law fit in?  How does discrimination begin?


These and many more questions are answered in this British Values series.


Book titles are

  • Democracy in Britian – How citizens cn influence decision-making through the democratic process
  • Tolerance and Harmony in Britian – Understanding and combating prejudice
  • The Rule of Law in Britain – Enabling students to distinguish right from wrong
  • The Public Sector in Britain – Living and working in modern Britian

Each chapter ends with a series of activities that ensure students understand the concepts discussed. Activities include debates, reading and researching.

The British Values series for Key Stage 3 students: Promotes fundamental British values as part of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Aimed at Key Stage 3 this new range of books provides key fundamental British values content in a highly accessible and enjoyable format.

Comments from teachers
‘Great illustrations and clear activities for teachers and children to follow’
‘Brilliant as non-fiction texts for Guided Reading’
‘Really informative and accessible text for KS3 children’

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British Values Public Sector

British Values Public Sector emergency services

British Values Rule of Law Court Accused

British Values Rule of Law Court Accused