Independent School Entrance

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Getting your child into the right school from pre-prep to 6th form
You want to send your child to an independent school. Where do you go for the best advice?

ISBN: 978-0-946095-59-9
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: February 2016

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Independent School Entrance – Getting your child into the right school from pre-prep to 6th form

Independent School Entrance contains all the information you need if you want to send your child to an independent school. Where do you go for the best advice? This accessible guide gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice and support your child through the application process. We’ve gathered together expert advice, case studies and tips from other parents to give you a complete overview in one easy-to-use handbook.

  • How to choose and apply to an independent school
  • Inside information from the experts: heads of UK independent schools
  • Beyond league tables and prospectuses, advice on everything from choosing a school to financial aid and acing the interview
  • Packed with checklists and real-life tips from parents who have already gone through independent school entrance

Chapters cover subjects including

  • Costs and benefits of independent school
    • What will an independent school education actually cost?
    • How do I apply from the state sector?
  • Choosing a school
    • How important is choosing the right school?
    • Is a boarding school right for my child?
  • Starting at pre-prep and prep school
    • Should we start independent school this early?
    • How competitive is entry into pre-prep and prep school?
  • Admission to pre-prep and prep
    • What will the assessment be like?
    • How should my child prepare?
  • Moving to senior school
    • When should my child change schools?
    • How many schools should we apply to?
  • Admissions to senior school
    • Should I hire a tutor?
    • What happens at interviews?
  • Exams at 11+
  • Exams at 13+
  • Changing for sixth form
    • Why change schools at sixth form?
    • Should my child do A levels or IB?
  • Admissions to sixth form
    • What will the assessment by like?
  • Alternatives to independent school
  • Secondary qualifications in the UK useful websites


Victoria Barker is a retired academic who spent many years teaching in the tertiary sector. She is the author of several books on children’s literacy, and the well-received The 11+ and 13+ Handbook.



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4 reviews for Independent School Entrance

  1. Ralph Lucas, Editor-in-Chief, The Good Schools Guide

    A great guide to getting into an independent school from people who really know their way around the system. Gives a clear and robust view of the dos and don’ts, tending at times to a brutal honesty which is going to give some of the schools that read it severe attacks of the hiccoughs. No harm in that, of course – much better that parents should know where they really stand. Independent schools are genuinely open – and welcoming – to all, but the hoops that pupils (and parents) have to leap through to get in are completely different to state schools. With this book, you will be well prepared.

  2. Barnaby Lenon, Chairman, Independent Schools Council

    The Independent School Entrance book is absolutely GREAT…the best on the market by miles.

  3. Charlotte Wong, Parent, Hong Kong

    An excellent guide into the world of UK independent schools. The book goes directly to the core of the many questions that parents have, by offering expert advice, unique perspectives from schools, and first-hand experiences of parents and students. A definite must for parents starting to think about independent schools for their children – you would be left feeling knowledgeable and well-informed about the entire system

  4. Peter Kirk, Executive Chairman, ISEB Ltd

    I think it is an excellent publication, which is easy to read and I particularly like the Author’s Tips. Attractively presented, it is all laid out in a logical manner and is a most informative book. I am sure it will be a huge success.

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