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A year of classroom British Values Key Stage 3 activity in one bundle! Everything you need to help promote British Values to Key Stage 3 students. Comes with four classroom posters.

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Publication Date: March 2017


A whole year of British Values Key Stage 3 class activities

Two copies of each of four British Values Key Stage 3 books


  • Democracy in Britain
    • Chapters include
      • Individual liberty
      • A brief history of democracy
      • Politics
      • Democracy in the UK
      • Democracy in Action
      • Don’t believe everything you read – the media
  • The Rule of Law in Britain
    • Chapters include
      • Playing by the rules
      • Rules beyond the classroom: the law of the land
      • Were does religious law fit in?
      • Separation of Powers
      • Judicial independence
      • An introduction to criminal and civil law
  • The Public Sector in Britain
    • Chapters include
      • Introducing the public sector
      • Calling the emergency services
      • Refuse collectors
      • Providing an education for every child
      • Treating Britain – the NHS
      • The national safety blanket – social care services
      • Keeping Britain sae – the arimed forces
  • Tolerance and Harmony in Britain
    • Chapters include
      • Imagine all the people
      • What’s in a culture
      • From ancient grudge to multicultural Britain
      • How does discrimination begin?
      • Four steps to help challenge discrimination
      • Religion and tradition

Each book starts with an introduction to criticial thinking skills and contains a series of writing, reading and talking activities for students.

Four Posters

  • 1 x British Values Key Stage 3 The Rule of Law poster – this poster explains the series of principles or guidelines which help us tell whether our legal system is working correctly or not
  • 1 x British Values Key Stage 3 Separation of Powers poster – a poster describing how the separation of powers is one of the fundamental principles at the heart of our parliamentary democracy
  • 1 x British Values Key Stage 3 Democracy in Britain poster – this poster picks out the key elements of our British democracy
  • 1 x What is Fake News? poster – a poster giving students clues on how to spot fake news

Department of Education Guidance

In November 2014 the Department for Education amended guidance to all schools, both independent and state-maintained through a press release.

Whereas previously schools were required to ‘respect’ British values new guidance made clear that all schools have a duty to “actively promote” British Values. As such every school is required to demonstrate a clear strategy for embedding these values and show how their work has been effective in doing so.

Arguably most importantly, schools were advised that Ofsted and the independent inspectorates would now take the work of schools in this area into account during inspections.

Extract from Department for Education Press Release

The Department for Education has today (27 November 2014) published guidance on promoting British values in schools to ensure young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain.

“…..Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools Lord Nash explained the changes were designed to “tighten up the standards on pupil welfare to improve safeguarding, and the standards on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils to strengthen the barriers to extremism”.

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