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British Values – teachers are doing their best but parents can help too…

An independent survey of teachers’ attitudes commissioned by Gresham Books into the teaching of British values has found widespread recognition that children of all ages are old enough to be taught and understand key concepts of democracy, rules of law, individual liberty, and respect and tolerance.

However, the majority of teachers responding felt that they still have much to do if these values are to be successfully embedded into the primary and secondary school curriculum.

Primary Schools

85% of respondents felt that British values content could or should be taught to children. However, the majority of those surveyed felt they still had much to do.

62% of the primary teachers who replied agreed that in terms of changing lesson content to reflect British values they had changed lessons a little, but more needed to be done.

Likewise the same majority of teachers felt that embedding these British values into a whole school strategy was “still work in progress” while a further 23% said “we have a long way to go”.

What’s more, 90% of teachers who responded to the survey felt they had some difficulties.

Half the teachers who completed the questionnaire thought that parents would do more in terms of teaching British values if asked, and a third felt more needed to be done to ask parents to help support British values.

38% said they needed more appropriate teaching resources to deliver key concepts.

33% needed more time to prepare the schemes of work.

19% said they had had insufficient training.


The majority of secondary teachers responding felt that the British values established by the government were suitable for teaching to all ages and over half felt that they had a great deal more to do to change lesson content to reflect key British values. As with primary teachers the majority felt that embedding the values in the school’s teaching was a “work in progress.”

Over 80% of respondents felt that parents could, and would, do more to help reinforce British values if asked to do so.

A third of secondary teachers responding felt that more appropriate teaching resources were the prime need to help them meet the government’s requirements, while a third saw their biggest problem as being time to prepare new schemes of work.

Only 9% said that they were being successful in their efforts to create a strategy to actively promote British values.

Resources to help teachers and parents

Our British Values series of books, posters and worksheets are designed to help teachers include core British values throughout the curriculum. The books are ideal for parents wanting to instil British values within their children. They cover challenging concepts in a clear, concise and easy to understand language with bright and colourful illustrations. Find out more about our British Values resources HERE

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