Leavers books

Is your leavers’ book for teenagers or for your leavers’ future selves?

What kind of Leavers’ Book would YOU like your students to keep forever? 

School leavers books are obviously for leaving students. But when they are compiled from a teenage perspective, they will inevitably leave out the kind of content that leavers’ future selves might reflect on with growing insight, and increasingly remember with loyalty and great affection.

Too often student led leavers books will be full of content about leavers, with little or no room for your school’s values and culture. As your leavers enter their 20s and 30s with many big decisions ahead, they are likely to be grateful for reminders of words of wisdom.

In their 40s and 50s they might be reflecting on the values your school gave them, and the values they are passing on to their own children. And, in the years beyond, as careers draw to a close, alumni will be increasingly dwelling on their school days, and their most important formative influences and experiences.

So, why not create a leavers book that your leavers will treasure THROUGHOUT their lives.

We produce Leavers Books for life. In a slim beautifully bound volume, your school’s leavers book could contain shared wisdom, shared successes, prayers or school readings, poems or songs, as well as lots of space for leavers to remember and celebrate their younger selves.

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Are you thinking about commissioning a leavers’ book in the next two years? If you are NOW is the time to start planning. Contact us to arrange a visit to help you plan and develop your project, telephone 01983 761389 or email info@gresham-books.co.uk

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