Benenden school hymn

Lift up your hearts!

The opening line of the Benenden school hymn is traditionally belted out by the girls at enormous volume and with a fair degree of emotion (and sometimes tears). My two daughters can’t hear it without going weak at the knees, having spent 7 of their happiest years at the school, and nor can I (my wife was Headmistress at Benenden for 13 years, so I’ve heard the hymn a few times myself!).

So it was obviously a huge pleasure to be able to work on the new edition of the Benenden hymn book, which was published in September. Edward Whiting (Director of Music) and Craig Huxley (Chaplain) worked tirelessly on the proofs, and the result is a remarkable testament to their diligence, attention to detail and passion for what they do. The tatty green hymn books which have been such an eyesore in recent years have at last been consigned to the great recycling bin, to be  replaced by these beautiful, cloth covered, full music hymn books.

Long may they continue to give pleasure to new generations of Benenden girls, and long may that hymn be blasted out across the Kent countryside.

Nicholas Oulton

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