meet the author

Meet the author

We recently had a lovely meet the author day with the children of the Rosary Catholic Primary School in Hampstead.

Christopher Yeates, the author of our British Value series, went along to talk to the children about the Queen and the history of our monachy. Christopher’s talk started with a video clip of the Queen arriving at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, parachuting in with James Bond! The talk moved on to Kings and Queens of the past, the children especially enjoyed the grisly bits, especially the beheading of King Charles I!

There were lots of questions for Christopher to answer from ‘What does the Queen have for breakfast?’ to “Do Beefeaters just eat beef?

Christopher signed the free books we’d given the school.

The children were celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday and were all dressed in red, white and blue. Christopher’s talk was followed by a very special birthday lunch.



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