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20 Years Young! Royal High School Bath – Past & Present

We do love working on a school history book project. All those fascinating facts and old sepia photographs, but what we really enjoy is following the story of the school from the early years and see how the school has grown through good times and bad, changes and challenges and developed into a school for the 21st century world. And as the product of a prep school that has since merged, and a regiment which has since merged twice, I particularly love looking at how best to help bring together the various interest groups that make up a new community.

Royal High School Bath, Past and Present, is our most recent project: a real joy to work on. Full of interesting facts and photographs, the book tells the story of the two schools that merged to create the Royal High School Bath.  Read what Francesca Orr, Royal High School Bath, has to say about their recent school history book:

20 years young!

What better way to round off our 20th Anniversary year, with the publishing and launch of Royal High School Bath, Past and Present, celebrating the rich and varied history of our two founding schools, the Royal School and Bath High School, and their joining in 1998 to create the Royal High School Bath as we know it today.

A lively story is brought to life with a wonderful selection of photographs from the School’s archives together with contributions from the School’s alumnae, whilst the theme throughout is that of provision of first-class education for girls: ‘Where girls learn without limits’.

But the story hasn’t ended; here’s to the next 20 years and beyond …

Many schools come to us with the idea of putting their school’s history into a book but are daunted by the task. They often say ‘We’ve a stack of photos, cabinets full of interesting documents and dozens of ex-pupil anecdotes, but where do we start!’ That’s where we come in. We can help create order, generate production timelines and guide you through the process. From photo logs and scanning, to design, copywriting and proofreading, right through to printing and supporting the marketing of the book, we are there every step of the way. To find out how we can help you create a school history book to celebrate an event or commemorate an anniversary, email or call 01983 761 389. We’d be delighted to help.

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2 comments on “20 Years Young! Royal High School Bath – Past & Present

  1. Judith McClure

    Congratulations on the publication of this wonderful, evocative book by Anne Ockwell. It is beautifully written and illustrated, including the glorious cover by Perry Harris. This book will be treasured by all connected with the Royal High School Bath – past and present.

    I confess to my special interest, as I had the enormous good fortune to be Head of the Royal School 1987-1993. I rejoice in the way that the partnership of two great schools committed to the education of women is so inclusively, movingly and wittily described.

    1. Nicholas Oulton

      Many thanks for this – and I too confess to a special interest: I believe you were my sister Carolyn’s Headmistress!


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