Leaving school is very much a rite of passage, and one that we feel deserves to be marked in a special, celebratory way. The memories that stay with us from our childhood and school days are incredibly powerful, and our leavers’ books are designed to link these to the values of your school. Whether you present your leavers with a book of poems, readings, prayers or a brief history of your school – or something entirely of your own choosing – the sense of connection that this encourages will last a lifetime.

Nurturing alumni is no longer an unwanted distraction from the business of running a school. It is an integral part of it.

Finding ways of sharing timeless values is now a full time job for many successful schools, and it is no surprise that bespoke publications that we used to sell to schools once per decade are now being requested on average every two or three years. Whether it is a leavers’ book, a school history, music folders, a collection of prayers or poems, a hymn book or a school almanac, ensuring that alumni have a tangible reminder of what the school is about has become the new norm.

So if you want to ensure your leavers, and those who left many generations ago, stay connected to their school, talk to us about our bespoke publishing services. We can help with a variety of projects, while making sure that your current pupils have what they need in school, helping them to build their memories.

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What can I have in my book?

Inspirational quotes

We hold a library of inspirational quotes and speeches for you to choose from. Writers range from Aristotle to Shakespeare to the Dalai Lama and Charlie Chaplin. And a whole lot more.

Golden Leaves


We all have our favourite poems, often learnt at school, that stay with us throughout our lives. Choose poems for your book from the list we hold, some in copyright, some not, or choose your own.

Leavers gift

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A book specific to the leavers' year

A year book full of facts and figures, pictures, anecdotes, songs and stories bespoke to the year group. These books are very popular with both school and students. A reminder of their years at the school with friends they’ve made and achievements gained.

Hampton School Leavers Gift

Hampton School Leavers 2018


The schools of today and tomorrow are increasingly caring for multi-faith communities.  We hold a large selection of prayers, quotes and extracts from many religions and beliefs all giving guidance and support for everyday life. Authors include Mahatma Gandhi, Ramprasad Sen, Guru Amar Das Ji, Rabbi Nathan of Namirov, Epicurus, Martin Luther King Junior and many, many more.

mulit-faith leavers gifts

Hymn Book

We often have schools ringing in asking for a hymn book reprint because students have been ‘stealing’ copies when they leave the school. Many of these schools now give each leaving student a copy of their school hymn book when they go out into the world. Hymn books hold many fond memories for us – singing carols at Christmas, the school hymn at the beginning and end of term.

Repton Full Music Hymn Book

Repton School Hymn Book

Unique to your school

Perhaps you have an idea for a book totally unique to your school. We can help you put that idea into reality to create your school leavers book. Content from students, school history, notable alumni, rules for living… the possibilities are endless.

Leavers Books

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