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Well, Praise be!

We are always pleasantly surprised that, in this secular age, schools continue to place such a value on the simple act of communal singing. Some of you may have seen the lovely piece that the BBC did on Hereford Cathedral School the other day, about how singing relieves stress. If not, it’s well worth a watch, if you can find it on iPlayer, or have a look at this article. We are publishing more and more bespoke hymn books for schools, and again and again we are told that the simple act of getting together as a community and singing works wonders in all sorts of ways.

Over the past few weeks we have seen deliveries going out to a wide range of schools, large and small, and each book very different.

It’s been a bit like watching that conveyor belt on the Generation Game go by…

With book after book, each one full of the dedication and attention to detail of the team who created it.

And when people ask me whether what we do is repetitive, I fall about laughing.

If only it was! It would be much easier. And I wish I remembered to take photographs of them all before they go off on their travels.

And it’s not just hymn books – we have recently been asked to produce a couple of really beautiful prayer books, both of which combine a selection of traditional prayers that you probably all know with a selection of prayers written by the pupils and staff themselves.

So, while the world may be changing (and that is not necessarily a bad thing!), it’s nice to know that there is still a recognition of the abiding importance in our schools, both of the uplifting effect on the soul of a good old sing song, but also the power of that still small voice of calm.


Are you thinking about commissioning a hymn book, song, service or prayer book in the next two years? If you are NOW is the time to start planning. Contact us to arrange a visit to help you plan and develop your project, telephone 01983 761389 or email

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