Wellbeing and social media

I have recently subscribed to a YouTube channel called Book Break, which does a weekly video about books recommended by the team at Pan Macmillan. I don’t often do that sort of thing, but my daughter (who runs the channel) said she would murder me if I didn’t!

Apart from being a really good way of getting tips on books to read, two of her recent videos have been about wellbeing, and as this is so topical at the moment, I thought you might be interested to see them.

This week’s video is about breaking bad habits, and feeling better about yourself as a result:


And a few weeks ago there was a really good one about self care at work:


If pupils end up reading more books and spending less time on their phones as a result, that can’t be bad. And for those giving advice to pupils about their future careers, my daughter is a classic example of someone doing a job that didn’t even exist when we were at school!


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