Bespoke projects

We work with you to create books that reflect the ethos and values of your school. Whether it’s a cookery book, a history, a collection of poems or a book for leavers, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Personalised products

Choose from our range of items for schools, from hymn books and leavers’ books to music folders, and we will customise them with your school name and logo.

Text books

Our British Values text book series allows schools to deliver the requirements of the DFE with regard to teaching fundamental British values as part of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

The Team

Meet the Team

Nick Oulton

Avid sailor, father to two grown-up daughters, former classics teacher and founder of independent schools’ publisher, Galore Park, Nick is that quintessential Englishman – a slightly eccentric visionary who drives everyone forward by the force of his enthusiasm.

Meet the Team

Debra Price

Until recently Deputy Head of Benenden School, we managed to lure Debra away to join us on the eternally sunny (or so we promised) Isle of Wight as our Deputy Leader. Debra advises us on our education content and generally keeps everyone in line.

Meet The Team

Ed Adams

Ed is our musical genius. He plays piano, organ, guitar - well, anything you care to put in front of him, actually. He composes descants for fun, and recently wrote a Christmas Oratorio, just because he could... Ed knows more about hymnology than most people know about football, and handles the musical typesetting of our bespoke hymn books.

Meet the Team

Clare Gordon

If Maths wasn’t your thing in school then you will love Clare. She makes sure the books balance, the tables pivot and our money is spent wisely. We’re yet to persuade her that table football is an essential office purchase, but we’ll keep trying.

Meet the Team

Jane Daubney

Jane is the level-headed member of the team. She keeps our things in order, reminds everyone of who is doing what, and then does it herself! Well, you know what they say - if you want something done properly, do it yourself. Or, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

Meet the Team

Paul Revert

Design guru extraordinaire, Paul can turn a jpeg into an EPS faster than you can ask which way up your pdf is. He handles the increasingly frenetic workflow of typesetting and design requirements with humour and good grace - and tactfully points out all the errors that might otherwise slip through.