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So you really want to learn Latin? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our So You Really Want To Learn Latin course is just what you need. You’ll be plunged head-first into the classical world to learn the essential grammar and vocabulary required for a confident and competent use of Latin. The course comprising of three books, each with it’s own answer book, is ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

Book 1 – introduces pupils to regular verbs in all six active tenses, nouns of the first three declensions, sum, adjectives of the 1st and 2nd  declension, prepositions, numerals and the history of Rome from Aeneas to Cloelia.

Book 2 – takes learners through 3rd declension adjectives, personal and demonstrative pronouns, relative clauses, 4th and 5th declension nouns, the passive voice, the comparison of adjectives and adverbs, irregular verbs and the history of Rome from Coriolanus to the 2nd Punic War.

Book 3 – takes learners up to GCSE level standard. All the major syntactical constructions are covered in a thorough, systematic way with clear explanations and suitable passages for translation. The book concludes with an invaluable introduction to the complexities of Latin scansion. Perfect as a text book for pupils taking GCSE, for those preparing for Common Entrance scholarship exams at 13+ and for those learning at home.

The no-nonsense approach to Latin which focuses on the importance of learning grammar and building vocabulary. With the basis of this firm foundation, learners will be amazed at how quickly they can learn Latin.

Answer books are available for each book, in printed or downloadable pdf format.

What people have said about the
So You Really Want To Learn Latin course

“This is the first volume of a 3-volume set of books designed to prepare pupils for GCSE Latin. It comprises short chapters with exercises, a vocabulary, and a summary of the grammar covered. Each chapter ends with a bit of Roman history, told in simple, sometimes facetious, terms – intended to appeal to school-age learners and, for an adult like me, the weakest part of the book. The grammar explanations are crystal clear, and the book is well paced. If you are new to Latin, you will may need either a teacher or to buy the answers book for the exercises. If, like me, you are using the book as a refresher for Latin learned long ago, you can probably manage with just this book. Recommended.” Amazon customer, April 2017

“The textbook everyone who ever learnt Latin should have had, and the one that everyone who wants to learn Latin now and in the future should have. It is a model of of lucidity that combines rigour with accessibility and with.” John Clare, The Daily Telegraph