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If you are anything like me, you will not have the patience to search through a list of questions that other people have asked. And I don’t blame you. So please, just pick up the phone or drop us an email, and we will answer the questions you have, rather than forcing you to read about the questions that you don’t have!

Open Books

Bespoke Projects FAQ's

Whether you are considering a hymn book, leavers’ book, school companion, recipe book or school history the choice of content is yours (as long as permission can be obtained for printing anything that is the work of another). An important point to consider when making your choice is the likely cost. Naturally the size of your book will have a bearing on cost and the amount of material included that is subject to copyright fees, but more importantly you will want a book which reflects the ethos and values of the school and which will be treasured by the whole school community for many years to come.

This is partly down to you, and partly down to us. Choosing and agreeing on the layout of the content is the bit that takes the time, but that is largely down to the time it takes you to agree on what you want and how you want it laid out. Once that is agreed, we can crack on and get a proof back to you within a week or so. But once it is agreed, and you have signed off on the proofs, it takes about 4 weeks going through the printing and binding stage - and that is beyond our control. So even if you are super speedy getting the brief to us, and even if we are super speedy laying it all out and getting it back to you to approve, there will always be that 4 weeks' delay at the printing stage.

Well, if you are happy with the book on the shelf, buy it. But we find that many schools and colleges have a need for something that is slightly different from what is available off the shelf, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of Hymn Books! Modern hymns, ancient hymns, modern/inclusive language, original language, capital letters or not, music included or not... and so it goes on. Which is why we have produced so many bespoke books over the past 40 years or so.

Printing books becomes cheaper (per copy) the more copies you print. We would rarely expect to print fewer than 100 copies of a book, and bigger schools might typically print around 3000. If you are not sure, just call us and we can talk you through the options.

Personalised Products FAQ's

We have created two leavers’ gifts and two hymn books which are pre-set books that can be personalised. The front cover can be embossed with your school name and crest and the end papers can also be customised to your requirements. There is also a choice of cover colour.

Take a look at these books, they can be found under the Leavers’ Gifts and Hymn Books tabs.

We’ve worked with many schools to create the content for our Golden Leaves and Now and Forever leavers’ gift books and The Catholic Schools' Hymn Book and The Junior Hymn Book. The content for these collections is fixed. You can add an introduction, and you can personalise the front and rear end papers and, of course, the cover.

If you wish to create your own content then a fully bespoke book would be more appropriate.

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