Bespoke Projects FAQ's

What can we have in our book?

Whether you are considering a hymn book, leavers’ book, school companion, recipe book or school history the choice of content is yours (as long as permission can be obtained for printing anything that is the work of another). An important point to consider when making your choice is the likely cost. Naturally the size of your book will have a bearing on cost and the amount of material included that is subject to copyright fees, but more importantly you will want a book which reflects the ethos and values of the school and which will be treasured by the whole school community for many years to come.

Do you offer any schemes to help with buying books?

Yes we do, we know that many schools find the one-off cost of publishing difficult to absorb into one budget year. We are pleased to able to offer a payment plan over 3 or 5 years, which spreads the cost of publishing books.

We have two options, a 3 year plan and a 5 year plan.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our payment plan please contact us for details.

Personalised Products FAQ's

We are a small school and would only need a small quantity of hymn books. Are you able to assist?

We have created two leavers’ gifts and two hymn books which are pre-set books that can be personalised. The front cover can be embossed with your school name and crest and the end papers can also be customised to your requirements. There is also a choice of cover colour.

Take a look at these books, they can be found under the Leavers’ Gifts and Hymn Book tabs.

Can we choose the content in the Gresham personalised books?

We’ve worked with many schools to create the content for our Golden Leaves, Now and Forever leavers’ gift books and The Catholic Schools Hymn Book and The Junior Hymn Book. There are lots of favourite Hymns, readingds, poems, psalms and speeches, all chosen to inspire, motivate and help a child reflect. So the content of these books is set. You can personalise the end papers and, of course, the cover.

If you wish to create your own content then a bespoke book would be more appropriate.

Text Book FAQ's

How will these text books help me teach British Values?

Each book has been carefully written in collaboration with primary school teachers and heads of PHSE to ensure the content covers the subjects required by the Government.

They cover complex subjects in a fun and easy to understand way using a cast of entertaining and visually attractive characters.

How will the posters help me in class?

The posters are very bright and attractive and are a visual indication that fundemental British Values are being taught and understood by your class.