Latin going full tilt!

Well, the So you really want to learn Latin video channel is now fully up and running, and we are heading towards 500 subscribers – goodness, perhaps I will become a YouTube sensation! I am working through Book 1 of the Latin course and adding worksheets for people to practise, and it seems to be going down quite well so far. Let’s see what happens when it gets a bit more difficult, but so far so good.

If you are stuck at home, or trying to find ways of keeping your pupils up to scratch with some brain teasing work, do check out the YouTube channel, and let me know what you think. All suggestions considered!

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2 comments on “Latin going full tilt!

  1. Martin Carter

    Having been an early subscriber to the YouTube Channel I’ve stayed the course ! Provided one completes the exercises on each page of the three text books I believe it is both possible and enjoyable to achieve success at any age . There is no subscription fee to watch the YouTube Channel and the three beautifully bound hard cover Latin text books are a pleasure to own,


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