So you really want to learn Latin?

It is over 20 years since I wrote the So you really want to learn Latin course, but one upside of the present dreadful situation is that I have had time to sit down with my YouTube star daughter – who is isolating with us here on the Isle of Wight – and discuss how the course could be put onto YouTube.

Old Mr Luddite here did have a brief foray onto YouTube once, about 10 years ago, but in those days, creating videos seemed to take weeks and weeks. Now it can be done – particularly if you have access to a YouTube star daughter – in an hour or so.

So, we are now busy putting the So you really want to learn Latin course up on YouTube, with some worksheets and practice material, so that those of you stuck at home with a bit of time on your hands can have a laugh at me trying to explain everything while looking at the camera, not fiddling with my papers, and not making silly faces when I lose my train of thought.

I’ve had some very kind feedback about the course over the years since it first came out, so it should be fun.

Wish me luck, and look out for the So you really want to learn Latin channel on YouTube.


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3 comments on “So you really want to learn Latin?

  1. Roy Calcutt

    Dear Mr Oulton, I have now taught two students Latin, on a pro bono basis, using the So You Really Want to Learn Latin course. I have found it excellent, thank you. I am just embarking on the same endeavour with a third. I am so relieved that it is still available. Best wishes.

  2. Peter Parisi

    Just received the first book. I appreciate the simplicity of presentation and the honesty about the challenge of learning Latin! I’ve been teaching for a long time and have found all the regnant textbooks too busy, too avoidant of Latin’s complexity, or both. Thank you!

  3. Peter Parisi

    It would be a great help for potential buyers if you would give some general indication of what grammar and syntax is covered by each text, e.g. “Book One covers all four conjugations in the present, imperfect, future, and perfect tenses, the irregular verb “to be,” and the first three declensions with basic case usages.”


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