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Can pictures speak louder than words?

We have just completed the reprint of Manor House’s lovely school hymn book, and were rather taken by the illustrations used throughout the book. On further enquiry, it turns out that they came about as part of the School’s ‘70 years at Manor House School’ celebrations during 2007 (the school was founded in Devon in 1920 but moved to Dorking and then to Manor House in 1937). It was decided that a special edition of the Hymn book would be designed for the celebration and a number of the girls who were at the school in 2006/2007, including some of the Art Scholars, were asked to submit illustrations, the best of which would be included in the published book.

Mrs Williams, the Head of Art and Drama at the school, tells us that some of those whose illustrations were published have gone on to forge art-related careers.

We think it’s a jolly fine school hymn book and shows how using illustrations can make a school hymn book truly bespoke to a school.


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