Did I hear someone singing?

It has been a long and very stressful period, we all know. As churchwarden at our local church here on the Isle of Wight, keeping spirits up has been tricky, to say the least, when everyone wants to get back to singing at the top of their voices. We have done a few services on YouTube, stretching my video editing skills to the limit! But it isn’t the same.

Mattins from Shalfleet

So it is really exciting to be working on a number of hymn book projects for the time when we can all start singing again from the rooftops. Our work on the hymn book for New College, Oxford is coming to the end, and looks set to produce a hymn book of unrivalled scholarship under the direction of Robert Quinney and Stephen Anderson.

And we are delighted to have worked with Ruth Massey at Ranby House, and their new book is in the final stages of production now.

This book is to be used at Ranby House, the junior school for Worksop College. We took the selection from Worksop and cut it down, added a few hymns for younger pupils, and adapted the layout. Maximising the font size while keeping each hymn to a single page had its challenges, but we love a challenge. And this morning, the first copy rolled into sight – always the most exciting part of any project.

Meanwhile, we have been working on a zippy application to streamline magazine production for our many customers who produce an annual journal recording the highs and lows of the year. How many highs there will be this year remains to be seen! If you would like to discuss this, do drop us a line.

Onwards and upwards!