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St Benedict’s School Hymn Book

Surely all hymn books are the same!

Well they are full of hymns and printed on paper and have a lovely embossed covers. But that’s about as ‘all the same’ as they are!

Our bespoke hymn books are all unique to the school, college or church that orders them. They contain hymns loved by the school, hymns for seasons or occasions and hymns written especially for the school. They can also contain prayers, Order of Service or Mass, readings and pictures.

We recently produced a Mass Book for St Benedict’s School, London. They chose the content they wanted for their book including prayers, The Order of Mass, The Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, The Communion Rite and much more. But what makes this book extra special are the specially printed endpapers that exactly match their school colour. It’s a lovely touch and makes their book truly unique to the school.



To find out more about creating a bespoke hymn book for your school call 01983 761 389 or email

Read more about our hymn books here

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