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Gifts for your leavers

As you prepare to say goodbye to this year’s school leavers, there are a number of ways that you can help your school’s new alumni remember the rites and passages of their school days with fondness and as a guide to their lives.

You can gift them a bespoke book of poems, reading and prayers. Gresham Books produces Leavers Books for life. In a slim beautifully bound volume, your school’s leavers’ book could contain shared wisdom, shared successes, prayers or school readings, poems or songs, as well as lots of space for leavers to remember and celebrate their younger selves.

A Gresham Leavers’ Book is a quality gift for pupils leaving your school and embarking on their future. You and your pupils can choose the content that you want to include and we will ensure that it is presented in the professional manner which befits your school.

Why not gift each leaver with a copy of your School Hymn Book? We are always surprised to hear that some schools are upset when their leaving students ‘steal’ a school hymn book before they leave. If your leavers love their hymn books enough to take a book, why not gift one to them with your blessing? As schools look to build lasting relationships with their alumni, your School Hymn Book is one volume that is likely to keep a life long place on your leavers’ bookshelves.

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Are you thinking about commissioning a leavers’ book in the next two years? If you are NOW is the time to start planning. Contact us to arrange a visit to help you plan and develop your project, telephone 01983 761389 or email

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