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Do you have a unique publishing idea that you would like us to project manage?

At Gresham Books, we have the publishing experience to manage a variety of publishing projects from start to finish. Our expertise lies in taking the strain out of the publishing process to ensure that you receive a beautifully presented end product.

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Celebrate your school’s past with a bespoke history

If you are looking for a unique way to promote your school, or if your school is approaching a special anniversary or event, commissioning a school history could be the answer.

Our school histories are beautifully presented and are the ideal gift or fundraiser for pupils both past and present.

  • A beautifully presented memento of your school.
  • Perfect for commemorating an anniversary, marking an event or celebrating your school’s unique character
  • Ideal for fundraising and promotion of your school.

We have been publishing histories of some of our greatest schools for over quarter of a century, and have all the publishing expertise required to bring such a project to fruition. Whether it is a coffee table style glossy publication, or more of a factual history, we can work with you to produce the book you want. Recent projects include books for Godstowe, Cheam, Warwick School, Beechwood Sacred Heart and Cranbrook School.

Read what Heather Morley from Godstowe School says about their recent school history project HERE


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