Golden Leaves – a gift for younger students

A collection of prayers and poems for today and forever.

When schools come to us for help in producing a really lovely book to give to their leavers, or those beginning at the school, they often come up with a very similar body of material that they want included in the book. Well-loved prayers and psalms, Shakespeare sonnets, the poems that we all learnt – or think we learnt – by heart when we were at school… In this lovely book, we have done the work for you and brought all this material together. All you need to do is tell us what you wish printed on the front of the book!




Golden Leaves is the perfect gift for younger students. Give your leavers the most precious of presents – a companion book to accompany them through the next stage of their school days, through university and on into the big, wide world.

A beautiful collection of poems, prayers and passages, to dip into whenever a moment for reflection is needed. These 96 page case-bound books and covered in your preferred colour material, may be personalised with your school crest on the front in gold, silver or a colour of your choice. Marker ribbons and a protective slip case are available if required.

Contents include

  • Psalm 121
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnet
  • Gray’s Elegy
  • Wordsworth’s Daffodils
  • Coleridges’ Kubla Khan
  • Tennyson’s The charge of the Light Brigade
  • Keats’ To Autumn
  • Thomas Hardy’s Afterwards
  • Kipling’s If
  • Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et decorum est
  • G K Chesterton’s The donkey
  • and many more

Pricing depends on the quantity of books, covering material and colour of slipcases ordered. Minimum order for personalising books is 100, if you require less than 100 books please contact us to discuss, telephone 01983 761 389 or email

The table below is a guide, please click on the Request a Quote button and we will contact you about your order.

Prices for Golden Leaves covered in Novalite with optional Navy Blue* slip cases
* if you require a different covering material, slip case colour or marker ribbons please get in touch

Golden Leaves Price List

Golden Leaves book only£15.41 per copy£10.69 per copy£9.12 per copy£8.34 per copy£7.29 per copy£6.92 per copy
with plain navy blue slip case£18.18 per copy£13.47 per copy£11.90 per copy£11.11 per copy£10.06 per copy£9.70 per copy
with embossed navy blue slip case£23.21 per copy£16.02 per copy£13.65 per copy£12.56 per copy£11.26 per copy£10.85 per copy


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