School Prayer Book

Bring all your school’s favourite prayers
together in one beautifully presented volume

Our Gresham bespoke prayer books enable you to bring all your favourite prayers together in one beautifully finished book.

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Although we live in an increasingly secular age, more and more young people are turning to the power of prayer as a means of resolving the stresses and confusion of modern life in the 24/7 age of social media. We work with schools to produce beautifully bound prayer books which can be used both in a formal setting (in assemblies or chapel services) or as a pupil’s resource for private meditation.

You can choose the prayers that you want to include along with the cover design and page layout. Our bespoke prayer books are professionally produced to the highest possible standard to ensure they reflect the quality and ethos of your school or college.

  • Enables you to bring all your favourite prayers together into one volume.
  • These beautifully presented books are unique to your specification – you can choose the content, layout and the cover design to ensure your book exactly meets your needs.
  • Creates a professional appearance for your school or college.



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